Product, Research & Development, Quality & Control


The Riaz' s technical staff has developed a great experience in the processing of products obtained from animal organs and tissues with particular attention to their quality.

Main activity of Riaz S.r.l. is gathering and process liquid bile (OX bile) of bovine and ovine origin coming from the biggest slaughter centres through Europe.


Research and development

During past years, in our analysis laboratory, through our pilot plants and followed by our responsible  have been effected considerable investments in searching new products.

According to its  company philosophy,  Riaz  S.r.l. is able to develop co-operation contracts with other companies studying  in laboratory and at pilot plant level new techniques to obtain the products desired by the clients, giving at the end a complete dossier on the studies carried out.

Riaz S.r.l. has inside the right and necessary competencies to develop the analytical methods related to the products to be developed.

Our laboratory  has built-up its experience working on extraction from by-products of animal origin  and than completing its know-how producing derivatives.

The technologies that we can apply in laboratory and in the pilot plant allow us to draw reactions that need dry environment, reduction and oxidation reaction in water and organic solutions, acilation esterification and sulphonation of natural products.


Quality and control

At arrival all raw materials are subjected to accurate selection and only after chemical and analytical tests, inserted in the productive process.

Chemical analysis carried out on the final products inform us about the quality, referring titles, and  humidity . Technical sheets are compiled on the basis of these analysis.

A careful control of the release in atmosphere and of the waste water is carried out respecting the current laws and the environment.