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Riaz S.r.l. deals with the processing of slaughterhouse by-products of ovine, bovine and porcine origin.

Components of technical products destined to the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry are the final product obtained by a daily production.

The raw material, coming  from big slaughtering centers located throughout the whole world, is processed by  a continuous cycle process plant. Thanks to this methodology, Riaz S.r.l. can grant the bacteriological sanitary security of its products.

The raw material utilized by Riaz S.r.l. are selected by a precise evaluation and their freshness granted by its own trucks.

Riaz S.r.l. has always been very careful to the surrounding environment and thanks to its incessant research, the technical efforts and the investments made, has succeeded in harmonizing the total recycle of the processing cull with the current ecological question.